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How to Buy:

Wall & Rah offers original paintings, photography and signed prints.  Please contact us for a quote or to purchase an item.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover.


Click Here to complete the Buying Options form.  Or contact us directly by phone, email or fax, including the name of the piece that you are interested in.  You can also visit us at our gallery at 22 Front Street, Millbrook, NY 12545.


Pricing, Sizes, Delivery:
All prices do not include sales tax or the cost of delivery and framing.  Discounts are available on larger quantity purchases.  The dimensions of the original paintings and prints are provided under each individual piece.  Sizes can be confirmed with the artist before purchase, and alternative sizes may be available. The average delivery time is 4 weeks, depending on location and special requests.


Our limited editions range from 10 to 25 prints, depending on the artist.  All prints are hand-signed by the artist (unless specified).


It is market standard for galleries to provide experienced collectors, institutions and museums large-format single print editions, or works with 3-5 prints, for which they pay a high premium. At the same time, reproductions of these prints are found in museum shops, often as many as 75-150 prints per image. Wall & Rah believes that market niche for affordable and authentic works is based on real limited editions. Therefore, if the number of prints is not specified on our site, the maximum number of copies in which the motif appears in the given format is 25 prints.


Wall & Rah contractually agrees with the artist on the number of pieces that can be printed, but the artist might reserve the right to offer a few prints to other institutions. Occasionally, Wall & Rah might offer, on commission, works owned by collectors, and will act as intermediary. Wall & Rah lists the individual price for each edition or work, in line with recommendations from the artists and/or their representatives, or the collector/seller. We work with the artists to meet specific requests for large prints and handmade classic prints, when possible. Wall & Rah editions are modern photographic prints, but alternative printing options might be available (e.g. large format fine art inkjet prints, or silver prints). Pricing for customized pieces is available upon request.